An Image of Swedish author Anderz Harning. I made this image of Anderz at Gothenburg Book Fair in September 1991. One could argue that this image lacks most of the qualities that makes a beautiful picture; composition, tonal range and what not. I’m convinced that it is rather the absence of these qualities that makes the image.
A few month after this image was made, Anderz Harning passed from accidentally fracturing a bone in his leg at the age of 54.
I’m 53 and in a few months from now I’ll turn 54.

24×30 cm silver gelatine print.
Welcome to contact me for price and ordering.


#anderzharning #gothenburg #bookfair #author #blackandwhite #analogphotography #nonlinearstorytelling #leicam4 #ilford #1991 #90’s #elmarit24mm #sweden




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