I GBG visas känslor på ett annat sätt, öppnare, ärligare, hjärtligare. Ibland längtar jag tillbaka och brukar då titta på den här bilden. En äkta bild, ett äkta GBG.

Form, Shape and Expression

Form, Shape and Expression Gothenburg, January 1987. Photography as practical technique was presented to the French Academy of Sciences in 1839. 148 years later I made this image. These happenings has no direct relation but the causality is present. Silver gelatin print 24*30 cm, welcome to contact me for price and ordering.

Anderz Harning

An Image of Swedish author Anderz Harning. I made this image of Anderz at Gothenburg Book Fair in September 1991. One could argue that this image lacks most of the qualities that makes a beautiful picture; composition, tonal range and what not. I’m convinced that it is rather the absence of these qualities that makes the image. A few month after this image was made, Anderz Harning passed from accidentally