Punctum Studium

Punctum and Studium

Punctum and Studium The explanation of Roland Barthes theory of punctum and studium in Camera Lucida is a bit unclear to me. I understand the concept, but when looking at this image I certainly can not find the punctum. If you look closely on the eye on the right side of the face, there is a black s-shaped fragment. Since this is the positive of a Polaroid 665 pack film

Anderz Harning

An Image of Swedish author Anderz Harning. I made this image of Anderz at Gothenburg Book Fair in September 1991. One could argue that this image lacks most of the qualities that makes a beautiful picture; composition, tonal range and what not. I’m convinced that it is rather the absence of these qualities that makes the image. A few month after this image was made, Anderz Harning passed from accidentally

Time Paradox in Malmoe

        Sometimes out of focus but always super bright in the 90’s. Behind me is Triangeln, besides being a shopping and an amazing piece of architecture, it is the crown jewel of Malmoe. After I made this image Sweden voted yes to the European Union and the city of Malmoe paid an unknown amount of money to marketing consultants to create a slogan which freely translates into