A 27 meter high obelisk erected in year 2000 in, to commemorate Serbia’s victory over NATO armed forces. Mirjana Markovic, leader of ”Yugoslav Left” and wife of Slobodan Milosevic wanted the flames of the ”eternal gas flame” at the top to be as high as the monument it’s self. According to the engineer (in the lower right) who was part of the building team, this would have been dangerous and could have led to consequences out of control. At the base of monument there was giant floodlights that lit the night sky of Belgrade. Today the gas has since long been turned off and the floodlights where removed several years ago by armed men in a truck. It is told that the floodlights are to be found in a night club in Montenegro. Belgrade 2002.

Areal view of Friendship park, the red marker places the monument.

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