Punctum Studium

Punctum and Studium

Punctum and Studium The explanation of Roland Barthes theory of punctum and studium in Camera Lucida is a bit unclear to me. I understand the concept, but when looking at this image I certainly can not find the punctum. If you look closely on the eye on the right side of the face, there is a black s-shaped fragment. Since this is the positive of a Polaroid 665 pack film

Poland Polariod March 1991

Some images from a field trip to Krakow in 1991. These polaroids where made with a cheapo Polaroid 600 camera. Back then you could get one of these all plastic polaroid cameras almost for free if you bought a certain amount of film packs. As I remember, these shots where not ment to be artistic nor documentary photography, just having fun with the camera. A long with with the polaroid camera